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Rhine River Cruise






Rhine River Cruises

Rhine River Cruises

Rhine River Cruises



Rhine River Cruises

Rhine River Cruises

There are many Rhine River cruises that you can take, and you will find that the pleasant journey down the beautiful river will enable you to see many of the beautiful sights that Germany, Holland, and Belgium have to offer. There will be many amazing sights to see, but there are a few that you cannot miss. When taking one of the many Rhine River cruises, it is important to know which ones will offer you the best tours of the various locations. Here are some of the highlights of any Rhine River cruises, and you will find that the following destinations are a must when taking a cruise down the beautiful Rhine River:


Rhine River Cruises the Highlights in Switzerland

  • Basel, Switzerland is a common starting point for many Rhine River cruises, and the beautiful Swiss city contains many beautiful and historic locations. The Middle Bridge is an amazing piece of historic architecture, and is a must see on your Rhine River cruises. Explore the steep streets of Basel, or stroll through one of the amazing art museums. There are many restaurants serving classic Swiss food, and you can't miss the beautiful Basel Theater.


Rhine River Cruises the Highlights in Germany

  • Breisach is a popular tourist destination, thanks to the fact that it is considered a gateway to the forest where the Hohenzollern Castle sits like a fairy palace in the middle of the Black Forest. The area around the city contains beautiful mountains and lush forests, and the meadows of Breisach are a popular picnic spot. There are demonstrations on the process of making cuckoo clocks that you can attend to find out more about the fascinating history of these unique clocks, or you can visit the cathedral hill to drink in the amazing views of the Rhine Valley. The painting workshops will instruct you on how to paint a masterpiece, and you can create one of your own as a souvenir. You can also stroll through the quaint Alsatian burg of Colmar.

Rhine River Cruises the Highlights in France

  • Strasbourg, France is another popular destination for Rhine River cruises. The European Parliament building is a marvel of architecture, and the renowned cathedral at Strasbourg is a must-see. This unique city is a blend of French and German culture, and you will find that many of the traditions of the city combine elements of both countries.


Rhine River Cruises the Highlights in Heidelberg

  • Heidelburg is home to the oldest university in Germany, which was built in 1386. You can take the tour of Heidelburg Castle, an imposing ruin made of red sandstone and constructed to overlook the beautiful Neckar River. The Old Town is a popular tourist location, and the marketplace of Heidelburg will offer you many delights.


Rhine River Cruises the Highlights in the Middle Rhine Valley

  • The Middle Rhine Valley is a destination most Rhine River cruises offer, and this valley has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In the valley you will find the Lorelei Rock, a number of beautiful castles, and quaint villages. Marksburg Castle is over 700 years old, and the tour through the castle offers some amazing insight on life in the 1300's.
  • Colchem is a small village along the Rhine River, but many of the Rhine River cruises stop there in order to taste some of their excellent local wines. You may be able to visit one of the many wineries to try some of the local vintages, or you may want to stroll through the marketplace of the small village.


Rhine River Cruises the Highlights in Cologne

  • Cologne is home to the Gothic Cathedral, one of the masterpieces of Gothic architecture in Europe. The Old Town of Cologne is home to St. Martin's Church, and you will find that this magnificent structure is worth a visit.


Rhine River Cruises the Highlights in Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam is another destination offered by many Rhine River cruises, and this legendary city has more things to see and do than you can imagine. You can stop in at the Van Gogh Museum, visit the many acres of tulip fields, visit the Skinny Bridge, or simply walk through the city to experience the amazing culture of Amsterdam.
  • Delft is another popular destination for Rhine River cruises, and this little city is famous for the unique styles of blue and white pottery. You can actually visit one of the many factories in the city to see how the pottery is made.


Rhine River Cruises the Highlights in the Netherlands

  • Antwerp will often be the final destination of Rhine River cruises, but the many amazing places to visit in Antwerp will end your cruise perfectly. Our Lady Cathedral, Town Hall, and the Steen Castle are all structures you must see, and you must try some of Antwerp's famous cuisine.


Rhine River Cruises

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